Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason – Film Producer

2017 Head On Photo Festival finalist – portrait category

I first came to know Andrew as a producer whilst working in the camera department on Adoration and The Water Diviner.

As a man of esteemed experience in the Australian and international film industry, he has been behind films such as Dark City and The Matrix trilogy.

I was fascinated by Andrew’s incisive wit and curious perspective on the internal dynamics of the film industry, insight that took form in his anecdotal animal analogies.

His description of the film industry as a unique ecosystem is what inspired the tone and context of this photograph. I wanted to put Andrew in an environment that is both wild and seemingly staged, both suggestive of a film set and an allusion to his premier experience within Australian VFX.

The wombat looming in the shadows is another character commonly referenced in Andrew’s narratives. For those who know him, they shall understand it’s significance.