GMTO – Part IV (Exmouth to Broome)

Before leaving Exmouth I made sure to see some of the locals so present at this time of year.

whale shark (124 of 2)whale shark (123 of 2)Beautiful whale sharks. One of the highlights of my travel.

exmouth (1 of 1)After diving along the west coast I then had to leave this beautiful coast to head north through the Pilbarra region and beyond.

nanutarra (12 of 1)

Nanutarra Roadhouse was my first stop after leaving Exmouth. I loved the remoteness of this roadhouse and the bizarre cross section of people staying here. I captured this moment after a morning run.

leaving_exmouth (4 of 1)leaving_exmouth (5 of 1)leaving_exmouth (7 of 1)

ph_to_broome (17 of 1)

A memorial I passed along the highway.

ph_to_broome (16 of 1)

port_hedland (12 of 1)

Port Hedland – I only saw this city at night all lit up.

port_hedland (13 of 1)port_hedland (14 of 1)After Port Hedland I continued on to Broome.

broome_cablebeach (26 of 1)

Cable beach without the camels

broome_sunpictures (30 of 1)

Beautiful open air cinema. It seemed a very appropriate place for me to see Satellite Boy.

broome_sunpictures (31 of 1)broome_boab (32 of 1)My fascination with wildlife and refuse continued with Broome tip.

kite_broome-1kite_broome-1-2kite_broome-1-3broome (23 of 1)broome (104 of 1)broome (103 of 1)broome (106 of 1) More stories to follow.