GMTO – Part V (The Kimberley)

The Kimberley Community Whale Research Project is a land based survey of the humpback whale migration along the Kimberley Coast. This project was started as a response to Woodside’s desire to build a gas hub at James Price Point, a community driven initiative between the Goolarabooloo people, locals and environmentalists.

mudurdun (53 of 1)


murdunun (55 of 1)

Murdudun camp

broome_timelapse (35 of 1)

Some time lapse of an unexpected morning storm

broome_whaletime (34 of 1)

Clock used for the whale surveys

broome_olivepython (28 of 1)broome_whaleute (36 of 1)walmadan (46 of 1)murdudun_giveway (37 of 1)murdunun_hermitcrab (76 of 1)murdunun_bird (80 of 1)murdunun_bird (82 of 1)murdunun (75 of 1)murdunun (52 of 1)murdunun (51 of 1)mudurdun (45 of 1)mudurdun (44 of 1)This injured booby was rescued by one of the project’s founders.

North of Murdudun is Walmadan and James Price Point. It was here that the proposed gas project was to be developed by Woodside.

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mudurdun (41 of 1)mudurdun (39 of 1)

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murdudun_9 copy

Whale survey platform – north quadrant

murdudun_7 copy

Whale survey team


Some black and white stuff I took at the camp